Audio Amplifier Circuit

Super Bass Audio Amplifier Circuit TDA2030

In this article I will show you how to make a super bass audio amplifier circuit. In this circuit we will use TDA 2030, Resistors, capacitors and some supporting components to give you much more power, while retaining a small package that you can use. It is a very simple circuit and you can make at home. I will show you the complete process of making this circuit step by step.

Table Of Content

  • Required Components
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Tools Required
  • Demo Video

Required Components

  • TDA 2030 IC – 1
  • Resistor 10k – 2
  • Resistor 1k – 1
  • Resistor 560 – 1
  • Capacitor 100nf – 1
  • Capacitor 10uf – 1
  • Capacitor 4.7uf – 1
  • Full Bridge Rectifier
  • Speaker
  • Audio in

Circuit Diagram

Tools Required

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Flux
  • Soldering Wire
  • IC Holding Stand
  • Side Cutter

Demo Video

Super Bass Audio Amplifier Circuit TDA2030

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