Amazing Music Reactive Dual Flash Circuit, VU Meter Circuit

In this article I will show you How To Make Amazing Music Reactive LED Chaser VU Meter Circuit. In this circuit we will use CD4017 IC, Resistors, Capacitors and some Supporting Components. This circuit is very simple and you can also easily make this Circuit .I will show you the complete process of making this circuit step by step.

Table Of Content

  • Circuit Diagram
  • Required Components
  • Tools Required
  • Demo Video

Circuit Diagram

Required Components

  • IC- CD4017
  • Capacitor 100nf -2
  • BC547 Transistor
  • Resistor -100k
  • Resistor-10k=2
  • Resistor-220R
  • Resistor-470R
  • LED – 11
  • MIC
  • Battery 9volt

Tools Required

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Flux
  • Soldering Wire
  • IC Holding Stand
  • Side Cutter

Demo Video

Amazing Music Reactive Dual Flash Circuit Full Video

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